Damaged Trees are Dangerous Trees

Tree service is not just a luxury in many cases. The state of the trees on your property could be important for maintaining safe conditions. Damaged or sick trees are vulnerable to infestation by parasites which could then move to harm your home, not to mention that a damaged tree is also one which could potentially fall or be broken in a storm. Falling trees cause damage to property, power lines, and can even threaten lives. If you take your role as a property owner seriously, and you have a large tree on your lawn or in your back yard, it may be a good idea to speak with a tree care company about maintenance whenever it is necessary.

Pruning and trimming, when performed properly, can help to reduce the chances that a tree will fall ill and keep it looking beautiful throughout its life. Call a tree care company in your area to get an estimate on what these services will cost, and you may just be surprised at how affordable it can be to keep your trees in great shape.

The Danger That Remains After the Storm

After a storm has taken place, you may be left wondering what you will do next. Between the debris that has been left on your property, and the damage that a storm may have done to any trees which are near your power lines or home, you might feel as though you have absolutely no control in this situation. You always have the option of getting storm cleanup services from a professional tree and landscaping company, however.

These services can help to remove debris, as well as any dangerous and broken trees which could cause further property damage if left unattended. Storms can do a lot of damage to trees in particular, due to their rigid nature, their height, and their structure. All it takes is a strong wind to crack a branch, which could lead to damage to your home, vehicle, or even yourself. A storm cleaning service can help to clear up any of these situations that could get worse, thanks to the equipment and training that they can bring into the situation. Do not take any risks with your clean up efforts: call a professional tree service.

Damaged Trees Present a Huge Risk to Homeowners

After a streak of bad weather, you could be a homeowner that is in need of storm damage clean up services in your area. The worst storm damage most often occurs in conditions that are not themselves particularly dangerous, but instead where you have trees that are already weak or dead on your property. While vital trees have strong, healthy root systems that can resist incredibly hard winds, weakened trees have no such defense, and can present a hazard in the form of falling, collapsing trees that weigh up to several thousand pounds.

These weakened trees can break the windows of a home, fall through power lines, or collapse into a car. They also have the potential to fall once the storm has ended, as an uprooted tree may not always tip over immediately, but instead soon after it has been pushed by the wind. Make sure that you get an assessment of your property after a storm so that you can determine whether or not tree removal and clean up will be necessary. A professional tree care company will be the best source for that determination.

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